I have this image in my head of a dominatrix (or Indiana Jones – pick your poison) with a whip.Anyway, these are just a few of my works in progress.  I’m only including a sampling of some of my more developed stories here and only stories I haven’t completed (nothing currently being edited or in the process of being published).  Titles are at times temporary.  One story doesn’t even have a title…


There was a time all Amara had to worry about was who she’d eventually marry.  Now, she’s running for her life, living in a world she doesn’t understand, a world poised on the brink of war.  Princes and princesses are going missing, and a single woman she calls The Witch is behind it, the same woman who took her, did terrible things to her — things that torment her dreams, things that have her screaming herself awake at night.



Long ago, there was a war – a world war – nothing survived.  Civilization was decimated in its wake.  There were no civilizations.  History has long forgotten what caused the war, but it was a lesson never forgotten and as humanity built itself back up again, they lived in fear of history repeating itself.  Civilizations developed hoping to never let something like that happen again.  Nations were limited to city-states, believing this limitation on land size could limit the power of any given state.  The only organizations with worldwide reach were religious, mainly The Temple system.  Now, the world is on the brink of war and the Temples are determined save the world from destroying itself.Sabrina doesn’t mean to, but she’s always been a troublemaker.  A knight of the Temples, it is her duty to help the Temples, which usually consists in protecting luddite priests as they travel from Temple to Temple or city to city.  After all, the roads beyond the walls of the cities are rife with bandits and outlaws.  But this time, Sabrina, with the help of a bounty hunter named Jason, is called to transport a young orphan boy to the High Temple in Rome.  Who is the boy?  Why do they want him brought to the High Temple so badly?  And why are there some that will stop at nothing to keep him from getting there?


Book 2 in the Forever SeriesIt has been four years since the events of Forever After.  Angelina meets someone knew, someone who gives her a new lease on life.  Grayson Knight’s a politician, but nobody’s perfect, right?  As she struggles to be accepted by the older vampires, struggles to set up a new blood bank, and struggles to find some semblance of a normal life, new enemies come forth.  Someone is trying to kill Angelina again.  Or is it Gray who’s the real target?  And a group of rogue vampires is starting to get the notice of the police in North Carolina, forcing Justine to leave Angelina’s side to handle the situation, much to the local Chatelaine’s chagrin.


Dr. Catherine Reese is staff biologist specializing in fetal development at Nanotech, a revolutionary company working on creating nanotechnology that can repair damaged tissue.  Her job has been to verify that the NT103’s could mimic all forms of tissue.  But one day after work, she’s chased into the desert surrounding the facility by a glittering black cloud.  She gets hurt running away, but is helped by a kind family in town.  Little does she know, the NT103’s are gone and she’s the prime suspect.  And the CEO will stop at nothing to get back what’s his.


It all started the day she died.  She found herself in this weird version of limbo that resembled a boot camp more than anything else.  Then, just when she was starting to get the hang of things, her world is turned upside down again.  She’s saved from a beating by a group of firefighters at a bar.  She doesn’t remember her name and she can’t tell her savior the truth.  He’d never believe her.  As she struggles to get her balance once more, she discovers she has powers she never had before and the police are sniffing on her tail, suspicious of the amnesiac with no name.  It soon becomes clear she was sent back for a reason, she just hopes she’s ready.


Genius and FBI agent, one moment she’s in the middle of an arson, running for her life before her home explodes, the next she’s in a hospital with no memory of who she is or how she got there.  Blind from retinal scarring due to burns that inexplicably are absent everywhere else and certain someone is after her, she reinvents herself as Anna McAden, a language specialist.Davion Purdue has always been the screw up in the family.  Thanks to agreeing to be a guinea pig in one of his brother’s experiments, he now had a nice job with the government working for the DTRA investigating possible terrorist attacks.  As he’s moving in to his new apartment, he meets Anna, his new neighbor.

A relationship develops and they soon realize that neither of them is exactly normal.  Davion didn’t know what his brother did to him and Anna doesn’t remember anything from her past.  But when a ghost from Anna’s long lost childhood rears her ugly head and blows up a building, the couple find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy and movement that could get them killed.


In the same universe as Forever After and Forever Knight, only from the werewolf perspective for once.Rosaleen Bradigan was an ordinary girl, on the cusp of freedom.  Her closet was loaded with boxes ready for the dorms.  She’s made it.  College was only two weeks away and she couldn’t wait.  To kill some time, she goes for a hike in a small state park, but gets lost and finds herself making her way back in the dark… and staring down a snarling wolf.  Frozen with fear, she just stands there as he bites her a lopes away.  Little does she know her life will never be the same.

Tristan McKenna could kick himself.  It was after dark.  There shouldn’t have been anyone there.  He’d tried to warn her, get her to run.  He didn’t know if he would have been able to stop himself from chasing but he tried.  He couldn’t stop himself from attacking her.  Now he has to find the girl, find her and bring her back to the pack before she starts to change, before she does something she’ll regret.


Her life had been anything but easy.  Growing up in foster care, neglect was a fact of her life.  She’d even tried to kill herself, but nobody noticed the cry for help.  They simply saw it as an accident.  A single act of caring from a total stranger was the only high point in her short existence.  Now, contemplating taking her life once again, she’s given an opportunity to save two lives – her own and the life of the only person who was ever decent to her.  She knows when he’s supposed to die.  She went to his funeral as a child.  But how will she do it?  What can she change?  And how will she explain her existence when at that very moment a five year old version of herself is walking around alive and well, a version of herself she’s put in danger by her very presence there.

Oh, you so know you want to...