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  1. John Dalessio says:

    Recently completed my first novel at age 77 and self published. The Seeker by John Dalessio, a science fiction novel available at Amazon.com on Kindle ebook and in paperback. Search: dalessio seeker . I would value your review at your earliest opportunity.

    Briefly: John Alessi had never been very religious. He grew up questioning the origin of creation, religion, mankind as written in scriptures by man. He came to think the existence of a god or creator could be confirmed or invalidated by seeking out life on other planets in the far reaches of outer space. A recent breakthrough in space ship propulsion would permit John’s ship The Seeker to travel a light speed. Traveling in mere hours instead of years to other planets and galaxies, John hoped he would seek out the truths of creation that haunted him since childhood. By traveling the Universe, would John find evidence of creation . . . .or a revelation!

    Than You,
    John Dalessio

  2. John Dalessio says:


    The Seeker by John Dalessio

    The Seeker was performing flawlessly. John had mastered the flight controls in short order. He felt comfortable with the speed and handling of the compact space craft. Thanks to the magnetronic drive, the trip from Earth to Mars would take the Seeker a little under two hours travel time compared to a conventional NASA rocket flight that would have taken over 200 days. John was beginning to appreciate the potential for the Seeker’s speed in outer space travel. This ship with its unique propulsion system, permitting travel over enormous distances in a brief period of time offered limitless potential for exploration of the universe.

    John was both apprehensive and excited as the Seeker approached the atmosphere of Mars. He recalled that Mars, the fourth planet from the sun in our solar system, was named after the Roman god of war. It is generally referred to as the “Red Planet” because of its reddish appearance viewed from Earth due to the prevalence of iron oxide on its surface. As he neared the planet, John slowed the ship to prepare for orbit in the thin atmosphere of Mars.

    John marveled at the sight of the red planet’s terrain while he searched for a landing site as the ship entered the atmosphere. The Seeker was rapidly approaching a large system of canyons, Valles Marineris (Latin for Mariner Valleys). It was named after the Mariner 9 Mars orbiter which discovered it in 1971). The Valles Marineris was located just south of the Martian equator and was about the length of the United States in size. In some areas the canyon floor reached a depth 7 times deeper than the Grand Canyon.

    Olympus Mons was now coming into view. Olympus Mons is the highest known mountain in Earth’s Solar System. It is three times higher than Earth’s Mt. Everest, also about the size of the State of Arizona, some 374 miles in diameter. John had read extensively about Mars recalling the first unmanned flyby of Mars by NASA back in 1965 with Mariner 4. Here he was actually about to land on the red planet. He wondered what secrets Mars would reveal.

    The beeping of the bioelectrical scanner brought him abruptly out of his thoughts as the scanner began checking for possible life signs on the planet below. The Seeker began a slow orbit of Mars, only 10 kilometers above the surface. It would take a long time to scan the entire planet, so John flew a zig zag pattern to maximize the area covered. A short while later the scanner began picking up a steady signal in the area of Olympus Mons, at 18 degrees N 133 degrees W. It seemed to be coming from near the peak of the mountain about 25 kilometers up from the surface.

    Upon arriving in the area of the signal, there did not appear to be any visible devices or equipment emitting a signal. John decided to land the Seeker on a wide area at the base of Olympus Mons to further explore the mysterious signal. He spotted a large flat area free of dust and rock, and set the Seeker gently down. Although the mountain was nearly 27 kilometers high it was over twenty times wider than it was tall.

    It shouldn’t be difficult to climb, John thought, because the slopes rise only a few degrees at a time and he would have the lower gravity of Mars to assist him. Mars has less mass than Earth, so the surface gravity on Mars is only about 38% of that on Earth. His 185 lb. body on Earth would only weigh 114 lbs. here on Mars.

    John put on his bulky temperature controlled environmental suit for the first time and performed a final check on the suit. Mars temperatures he recalled ranged from 27 ºC to -143 ºC. He activated the inner door, then waited for it to seal. He opened the ships outer door and became the first person from Earth to set foot on the Martian planet. Ironic, he thought, if he were an astronaut in the NASA program, he would now be on camera with the whole world watching and would be planting an American flag on Mars in the name of planet Earth. It was the event of a lifetime and no one was here to witness it except for the recording of a lone remote digital camera mounted on the ship.

    John moved out on the red alien powdery cratered surface delighted at the lightness in his step due to the lower gravity of Mars. Looking up into the Martian sky, he marveled at the sight of Phobos, the larger of the two moons of Mars streaking across the sky on one of its three daily orbits. A second moon, Deimos, roughly half the size of Phobos would orbit from the opposite sky only once every thirty hours.

    John’s attention turned to the huge mountain that rose before him reaching high into the thin dusty atmosphere. He was hopeful he would not encounter any dust devils, which are like miniature tornadoes whipped up by the Martian winds. After traveling a short distance in the direction of the signal, he discovered an opening at the base of the mountain. John pointed the portable scanner at the opening and it indicated that the signal was coming from inside the mountain. Cautiously he approached the opening and peered inside,

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