I am very open when it comes to promotion requests, whether you are a book blogger wanting to expand your reach, an author looking to promote a book already out, a book about to be released, I am open to most anything.  I only ask that requests be limited to books, publishing, or the subjects I strive to restrict this blog to (paranormal, scifi, horror, and fantasy).I am open to any opportunity you can come up with.  Examples being:

  • Guest Posts
  • Book Reviews (please see Review Criteria)
  • Giveaways
  • A Day in the Life… (Author or Character)
  • A character’s diary entry
  • A letter from a character to (author, readers, another character)
  • 10 Things you Don’t Know about [Insert Character etc.]
  • (Un)published book excerpts
  • Short Stories
  • And anything else you care to come up with

I no longer accept interview requests.

When making a request, try to be as specific as possible.  If you are interested in a guest post, go ahead and give me the pitch.  If you are interested in a character interview, give me a bio on the character and a theme to the interview if that is desired. The more information, the merrier.  It saves us both time.

Under Social Media & Websites, please include all you have.  This includes twitter, facebook, Goodreads author and book pages (all of them, if you like), links to buy you books, your website/blog, and et cetera.


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