Publishing a book can be expensive.  More expensive than many authors can afford.  Which is why I try to make my services as accessible as possible for authors.

I calculate estimates based upon an estimated hourly that is below industry standards, knowing full well I’ll spend far more time than estimated on a given project.  Even after that, I always round down, making my hourly even lower.  My hourly also doesn’t include second drafts or communications with the author.

But for me, that’s not enough when it comes to helping out Indie authors, so I decided to create a discount program as well.  The discount program includes two categories: repeat customers and referrals.

Authors who have had me work on projects in the past will receive a 15% discount on all future projects.

Referrals will work as follows:

  • Referring Author refers another author to me.
  • Referring Author or new author submits to form below.
  • New author requests quote.
  • If new author decides to have me edit a project, the Referring Author will receive a discount on a project on his/her choosing, including current projects, on a sliding scale (see below).

Referral Scale:

  • 5% – Referred project less than 20,000 words
  • 10% – Referred project 20,001-40,000 words
  • 20% – Referred project 40,001-60,000 words
  • 30% – Referred project 60,001-80,000 words
  • 40% – Referred project 80,001-120,000 words
  • 50% – Referred project 120,001+

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