Thank you for your interest in my proofreading/line editing services.

I take projects of the same genres I take for my book reviewing services, which are Paranormal, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

My goal as an editor is to develop long term relationships with authors so it is my heartfelt desire that you’ll be happy with my services and come back for more when looking for someone for your next project. That being said, I will strive to ensure you are satisfied with my work, whatever it takes.


I’ll edit roughly 1000 words of your project as a sample.

I understand that it can be difficult and frustrating to find an editor, especially when so many people claim the skills and so many professionally edited books don’t look like it. Since I believe you should be able to shop around and see who does the best job, I’ll edit roughly 1000 words of your project as a sample. This serves two purposes: it allows you to compare my work to other editors you are considering, and allows me to give you a realistic quote for your project based upon the amount of time I project it taking.

Prices vary between $0.003/word and $0.01/word, depending on how much work is needed. Under most circumstances, so long as you have already done several drafts and I am not the first person besides yourself to see the project, it should be closer to the lower end of the scale.  Information on discounts can be found here.

$0.003/word and $0.01/word

Rush jobs will incur additional expense, which I will decide the cost of on a case by case basis since how quickly the job must be finished will cause this price to vary greatly. I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to agree to all rush jobs, depending on your own needs and my schedule. Please include something like RUSH or STAT or ASAP in the subject line for rush jobs so I know I must attack the sample as soon as possible, likely the same day.

Though I am calling this service proofreading or line editing, those headings do not quite encompass what I will be doing in entirety. I will make note of anything I notice. I will fact check if something strikes me as wrong. I will comment on inconsistencies and any number of other things if I notice them. I don’t guarantee I’ll catch those types of things, but I will always comment on something if I see it. The most common things I make note of are:

  • Overused words (e.g. that)
  • Mixing past and present tense
  • Style mistakes
  • Confusing wording
  • Flow problems
  • Passive voice
  • -ly words
  • Redundancies
  • Repetitive words/wording
  • Vague language
  • Inappropriately used words
  • Consistency of style and spelling (i.e. spelling and writing style are consistent with American usage)

I use a combination of Word’s Track Changes and comments for editing. Small changes that I feel are certain and have no ambiguity in them I’ll simply change. Anything else, I will make a comment, usually explaining what’s wrong, why I think it needs to be changed, and possibly suggesting ways to change it. I do not try to make all encompassing changes to your work. It is your voice, not mine. My goal is to indicate what should be changed, and lead you toward making appropriate changes, but I feel there is no way I could feel comfortable making those changes myself because it would no longer be the writer’s voice.

After you have received my comments, I will happily continue to work with you, helping you to make the necessary changes, answering questions, even going over passages again to help you brainstorm fixes. I want to be a partner in these last stages, and not just a contractor who dumps the responsibility on your head the second I finish the last page. I will be happy to continue to confer with you regarding your project even after it has been published, if needed.

A final thing to keep in mind is that I am an American writer and line editor. While I am somewhat familiar with variations in style between various English-speaking countries, I cannot guarantee I can adequately correct style or spelling mistakes for non-American authors.

If you are interested in having me as a line editor for your project, please fill out the form below or email me at:


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