I am an unpublished (hopefully not for long) author recently transplanted from Raleigh, NC to Louisville, KY.  I have been writing since elementary school, when my Aunt gave me a little flowered journal.  Back then, I wrote short Goosebumps-like stories that were appropriate considering my age.  I have been perfecting my novel-writing skills since middle school, when I started my first novel, They’re Here, which is likely a pitiful excuse for literary content and one of the only books I’ve ever started involving aliens.  I finished my first novel, Forever After, somewhere around 2005 and have been editing it on and off (mostly off) ever since.  Like with most authors, life gets in the way, but I am determined to finish and an end is finally in sight.  I am in the process of some heavy duty editing and anticipate handing the book off to beta readers sometime in the coming months.

My favorite writing topics include the Paranormal, Fantasy and Science Fiction.  I have books about vampires, werewolves, faeries, mermaids, people with special powers, people that come back from the dead (and, no, they are not zombies), zombies (but, of course…), and nanotechnology to name a few.  I love books that incorporate the real world so that the events of the novel could be happening right under your very nose and you’d never know.

Among my other interests, I also partake in photography, photoediting, and, so that I can afford my mortgage, genetics.  I started my PhD in Functional Genomics in 2012 , but quickly realized my mistake and came to my senses.  With my background in the sciences, I always try to incorporate some of my own expertise into my works, which isn’t easy when Biology, and especially my specialty of Genetics, has a language all its own.  Still, I enjoy bringing a feel of the real world to topics that have, in the past, been relegated exclusively to the mythos and the shadows and the things that go bump in the night.

With any luck, you will enjoy reading my writing as much as I enjoy writing it.  I have short stories and excerpts from a variety of my novels under the Literature tab.  I also write under the user name theeternalscribe on www.thewriterscoffeeshop.com and www.writerscafe.com.  I encourage people to contact me at my email address: danielleforrest@theeternalscribe.com.  And, in case you were wondering, the picture is of me dressed up as Lara Croft.  I don’t live in Texas so they frown on people walking around like they’re about to have a duel.  All’s the pity.  And don’t worry, they’re just AirSoft pistols.  The world is safe for a little while longer from the likes of me.  Maybe five more years.  You know, until I’m not so broke…  Mwahahaha…

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