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seizeAnd the next eight from Seize.  I’ll be out of town this weekend, so I’ll probably respond to comments late Sunday or Monday.

I wasn’t eager to correct his erroneous assumption that I was David’s mother.  I wasn’t overly eager for anyone to know my real identity.  I knew my father held no diplomatic relations with David’s kingdom of Ula, which I had never heard of, and wasn’t willing to risk becoming a prisoner again, this time for ransom rather than whatever nefarious purpose the witch had in store.

The knight walked to his horse, which I noticed must be well trained as, though he hadn’t been tied down, he hadn’t strayed an inch from where his reins dangled, touching the leaf-covered dirt.  He pulled a bundle from his saddle bags and offered it to me.  When I eyed him warily, he knelt and offered it to David, who snatched it greedily.

He unwrapped the bundle like he was ripping into a gift, revealing two loaves of bread.  David handed one back to me and plopped on the ground at my feet.

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  1. Lovely eight, as always. I’d say she has a right to be wary – strange men with loaves of bread are not to be trusted right off! 😛

  2. A very nice eight, I am intrigued…

  3. burnsmillie says:

    Little David is so darn cute! Another great eight.

  4. Ah HA! I had a feeling last week there was a lot more going on here than you were letting on to us…well done snippet…can’t wait to keep reading the story.

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