Science in Fiction: Arteries vs Veins

science in fictionI read a lot of vampire fiction, so I read a lot of stuff about fangs puncturing femoral arteries and carotids.  I thought I should clarify some about the difference between arteries and veins (and how it affects you paranormal writers in the audience).


Arteries generally contain oxygenated blood, meaning the blood flowing through those suckers tend to be a bright red.  Arteries are under high pressure, varying between peak pressure (systolic) and low pressure (diastolic), depending on which part of the heart pumping cycle you’re on.  This causes your pulse.
There are generally very few arteries in a given area, meaning that any damage to them can be catastrophic.  Arteries tend to be harder to find, deeper.


Veins are under low pressure, and are abundant.  Where an area (e.g. your arm) might only have two arteries, you’ll have a broad network of veins.  This, all in all, makes veins a better choice to puncture...
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King Tomb by Scarlett Dawn

So sorry that I haven’t managed to post lately.  My life has been positively off kilter lately.  I haven’t read, blogged, edited, wrote.  Nothing.  But I’m started to get my life back together again, so hopefully, you’ll be hearing more from me in the future.


And on to the topic at hand – Yeah, I can’t wait.  And, drum roll please….

It’s scheduled to release on October 1, 2014!!!  Yeah, super exciting.


I couldn’t decide which picture to post… so I posted both.  Enjoy.

Portrait of sinister cultist in hood with book

Beautiful woman posing in gothic clothes

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WeWriWa/Snippet Sunday 02/16/2014 #8sunday #snippetsunday

new seize smSorry about last week.  I started a new job this past week, and I realized last weekend I had no clothes!  Yes, so I spent a better part of the weekend clothes shopping, which I hate. And ended up completely exhausted, and probably partially brain dead.  I kind of forgot about this until Sunday…

On the plus, I got a new phone!  Gone is my LG POS.  Hello iPhone 4s!

And, yeah, here’s the next eight…

As we got closer, the details of the carvings because clear.  The doors were a collage of wolves.  Some slept happily curled up in a ball.  Others leapt and played, roughing each other up like puppies were wont to do.  Finally, the largest carving in the very center of the doors was of a wolf standing over his defeated foe, staring menacingly out the doors as if ready to kill any who threatened to take its prize.  I half expect it to growl.

Two guards stood outside the doors and, as we approached, they swung into action, pushing the doors open, then waiting for us to pass before pu...

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WeWriWa/Snippet Sunday 02/02/2014 #8sunday #snippetsunday

new seize smSo sorry about last week.  I was flailing around trying to collect information for a background check.  But, I should be starting a new job soon, so that’s good news.

And… I made a new cover.  What do you think?  I had just learned how to make glowing eyes and I wanted to play.  Plus, I wasn’t happy with the color contrast on the old cover…

I think my recent series of snow days might have influenced the design…

I had been gritting back pain ever since dismounting from the horse in the market.  I’d chosen not to look at the soles of my feet but knew they were pretty bad from my run several days previous.  It took everything I had not to wince every time I put my foot down, but I refused to let anyone see my weaknesses.  Stepping on the smooth marble of the steps leading to the castle was a breath of fresh air.  I nearly sighed as my foot touched the cool, soothing stone.

But even with the relief the stone gave, reaching the large wooden doors seemed like a monumental accomplis...

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WeWriWa/Snippet Sunday 01/19/2014 #8sunday #snippetsunday

seizeHope you enjoy Seize again this week.  Looking forward to your comments, and an end to this weekend before it has even started…

It was clear the castle, the city itself, was built strategically, with defense and war in mind.  The city was designed to destroy the morale of an attacking army before they even neared its walls.

As we approached the castle, it dawned on me.  David was a prince.  I couldn’t figure out why it hadn’t occurred to me before.  After all, the witch had kidnapped me and I was a princess.  It only made sense that David was a prince himself.  David was dragged us to see his father, the king.

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Photo credit: Ghetu Daniel / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: Alaskan Dude / Foter / CC BY

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Book Review: Sleepless by Sera Ashling


I really liked this book, the writing, the characters.  Pretty much everything.  I laughed on a regular basis, the fight scenes were nice, and the characters really made the story.

The world building was nice and fairly unique.  I’ve gotten a little jaded with the whole quest/journey etc. type of Fantasy novels.  I’m afraid I’m getting to the point where I’m expected to break out in hives if someone says Epic Fantasy.  My mind tends to drift to that scene in Clerks II where the one guy is describing the Lord of the Rings and jumps up on the counter…  Still, I liked this world.  It was familiar yet different, which I have always felt was essential to any good story.

Even though he’s kind of a bad guy, I liked Traken right from the start.  The author did a great job with him because, even though he is decidedly evil, you can’t help but like him.
Santo aka the Blood Fox, well, I kept forgetting her name...
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Science in Fiction – EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse)

science in fictionI’m going to largely skip over how to generate an electomagnetic pulse.  Primarily, a nuclear bomb is to blame.  The military might be working on other means, but I sure as hell don’t know about it.

Affects on Electronics

I’ve seen movies and TV shows where EMPs were used, and frequently, they like to use it as a plot device to temporarily disable the electronics in an area.  Ocean’s 11 knocked out an area of Las Vegas for 30 seconds.  Leverage had an EMP gun that could take out electronics for 30 minutes.

But here’s the problem with that — an EMP fries electronics.  They are permanently damaged by the pulse.  Older electronics might be able to survive, but modern electronics cannot without protection.  As we’ve become more advanced, circuits have become smaller and more fragile, less capable of handling the rapidly alternating currents of an EMP.  It’s why lightning is so deadly to our gadgets.

To understand what an EMP does, imagine an epileptic lookin...

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Book Review – King Cave – Scarlett Dawn @scarlettdawnusa

King Cave PhotoReview

I want to read the next book so bad it isn’t funny!  I’m going nutso here.  It’s not fair!  I can’t sit still and simultaneously can’t decide between writing down my review and flipping out.  My emotions are definitely on a roller coaster right now…

Okay… breathe….
Starting from the beginning.  I wasn’t overly satisfied with how the story began.  It began exactly where the first book left off.  Exactly.  For someone who read the first book quite a few months ago, I was a little fuzzy, a little lost.  It took me a while to get into it because I didn’t feel like the author took enough time immersing the reader into the story.  It’s definitely not stand alone as far as I’m concerned.  For best results, read the first book, King Hall, immediately before.
However, the beginning was very fast-paced, driven.
Like with the first book, there was about a million places where I burst out laughing or wrote notes saying, “I loved that!”  It’s more se...
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WeWriWa/Snippet Sunday 01/12/2014 #8sunday #snippetsunday

seizeHad a massive power outage Saturday.  No power for four hours.  Tornado went through Raleigh again.  Wasn’t as bad as last time.  I’m actually surprised my mom wasn’t blowing up my cell phone or my inbox.  The thing apparently passed right over RDU airport, which is right down the road.

Personally, my favorite part of the whole ordeal was the fact that the power went out while I was watching The Day After Tomorrow — a movie about storms!  I just love the symmetry there.

But he had little time to dwell on his shortcomings before David latched onto his arm yelling, “Come on, come on!  Daddy’ll want to thank you!”  He started trying to drag Amara, Sir Lionel and thus the horse in his wake, never realizing his statement had squeezed out Sir Lionel’s last remaining hope that he might be given the opportunity to heal Amara’s heart.


My heart pounded in my throat as David led us to the center of the city.  Wood and thatch buildings changed to stone...

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WeWriWa/Snippet Sunday 01/05/2013 #8sunday #snippetsunday

seizeBeen writing in Seize again.  Hopefully, I’ll start getting on a roll again.  I love when I get on a writing binge.

The last he remembered before he drifted off himself was her staring off into the distance, arms around her knees as she rocked and keened gently in the night.  He’d wanted to hold her, comfort her, but knew his touch would be no comfort at all.

Now, the sounds and bright colors of the market lifted his spirit higher than they’d been in days.  David energetically squirmed, demanding to be let off the horse.  Amara got down and obliged him.  Turning to him, she said, “Thank you for your aid.”

“It is my honor, ma’am,” he said, bowing to her slightly.  He felt bad that there was nothing he could do to heal her wounds.

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Photo credit: Ghetu Daniel / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: Alaskan Dude / Foter / CC BY

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